🍎 EXCERPT REVEAL | Wicked Fire by Raisa Greywood 📚

Drako got to his feet and gave her his hand to help her up. “I’m going to kick myself for stopping your delicious kisses, but you said I need to learn to read.” He winked at her, then took her elbow to escort her back to the computer. “If you’ll consent to teach me, I’ll give you a kiss for every lesson.”

His eyes still flashing bronze, a tic moved across his jaw as he stroked her cheek, making her realize he was controlling himself for her benefit.

Morgaine was so tired of being afraid. With Drako, she could take back some of her power and erase what Fergus had done to her, if she had the courage to reach out for it. More than that, she trusted him. Not enough to give him her secrets, of course, but enough to know that he wouldn’t hurt her. He’d already told her that he wanted to give her pleasure, hadn’t he?

“What if I don’t want to stop?” She’d never know what odd impulse made her say such a thing when she’d never been remotely interested in kissing anyone after what Fergus had done to her, but she wouldn’t take the words back. Though the thought terrified her, she wanted to try.

His eyes darkened, flashing bronze as he gazed at her and wiped a hand over his mouth. “Morgaine, you don’t know what you’re asking for,” he growled. “I won’t stop with kissing.”

She held her breath in a desperate attempt to keep her courage and pulled her dress over her head. Dropping it to the floor at her feet, she said, “I do want it.” She stalked toward him, exhilarated when he backed away. “I want you to give me pleasure like you promised.”

Drako’s pupils narrowed into vertical slits and he growled, the low sound nearly making her rethink her decision to recapture her bravery. But she’d come too far to give up and held her ground.

He swept her into his arms and she let out an involuntary squeak of surprise as he tossed her to the bed. His shirt tore as he pulled it over his head, and claws sprouted from his fingertips as he stripped off his jeans. He crawled onto the bed, his eyes burning as he inhaled.

“I love the smell of mage,” he whispered. “It’s like a rich treat no dragon can resist, but you, little one, you smell like sugar, too.” He traced a claw down her thigh, making her shiver. “And I love the scent of lavender. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought you chose the fragrance out of all the others to tempt me.”

Morgaine tried to control the atavistic shudder that crept down her spine at his words. The wild, prehistoric part of her that was mage and the sworn enemy of dragonkind wanted to escape, but the woman wanted more. No one had ever made her feel like this before, like she was desired for something besides her magic. “Maybe I did,” she whispered. “Are you tempted?”

“Beyond reason.”